Winterize Your Boat or RV

Published on 10/30/2021

It's getting cold again so it's time to be sure that your boat or RV are winterized and safely parked for the winter. Of course you need to drain all your lines and tanks and fill them with a little of the pink RV anti-freeze. If you are parking your boat or RV at a storage facility you may want to do a little more to make sure that your vehicle stays in top shape through the winter months.

  • add some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.
  • be sure your fabric cover is stretched tight across your boat or RV so the wind won't tear it loose and rain or snow can't pool on it.
  • Stuff your refrigerator, cooler, live box or other closed compartments with wadded up newspaper. This works great to keep the moisture (and mildew) out of the area.
  • Be sure you have a current photo of your boat or RV in case there is any damage or loss that will need to be reported through the course of the winter months.
  • If you are parking your RV outdoors or under an awning, close the window shades and put a shade in the front windshield to keep the sun from heating up the interior or fading any of the fabric inside.
  • Be sure there is no food or food remnants in your boat or RV that might attract critters. Add some mouse bait to ensure that any rodents who find their way in can do little or no damage.

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