Recycle Your Christmas Cards

Published on 11/19/2018

Did you receive a nice stack of beautiful Christmas cards last year? Are you still hanging onto them?

Rather than throw them away, recycle them as gift decorations and tags this Christmas!  Cut the front (picture) off the card and place it on brown paper bags or plainly wrapped gift boxes.

You can also use the card to cover up store logos on the bags and boxes so that you can recycle paper products you might otherwise throw away.  Write the recipient's name on the card so that the decoration doubles as a gift tag.

Add tissue paper and ribbon to match the cards.

Choose cards that fit the size of your package or cut the cards to fit.

Use several cards as a collage to cover up a large imprint on a retailer's bag or box.

Cards can be cut into smaller pieces to use as hanging gift tags. Just punch a hole in one end and thread a ribbon or string through it. Fill in the back with your recipient's name and voila!

Keep your eyes open throughout the year for boxes and bags to use with this recycling project. Designate a box or tub in your storage unit to hold all the supplies until the next Christmas season arrives!