Let Us Help You Sell Your House!

Published on 4/10/2019

Are you trying to sell your house?  Or just thinking about it? A storage unit could help! 

Sell Your House with Self Storage

Beaver Storage can help sell your house!

Real Estate professionals will tell you that you need to clear out clutter from your home to make it appealing to potential buyers.  If your house looks less cluttered, buyers will be more enticed.  So how can our storage facility help?

  • We have a wide variety of sizes so renting the smallest size that you possibly need will save you money.
  • Our facilities are conveniently located so you can access them easily.  This means you can store items to which you need occasional access.
  • You have 24/7 access to your unit when you rent from one of our facilities.
  • Our leases are on a month to month basis, so you don't have a long term commitment to storage.  

Following are some ideas for clearing out the clutter:

Closets will appear roomier if you clear out your seasonal clothing.  Buy a wardrobe box so that your hanging items can be easily swapped out when the weather changes.

If your 2 car garage only holds one car, pack up the extra lawn and garden tools, sporting equipment and seasonal decorations and put them in the unit.

Are your kitchen cupboards overflowing?  Pack up all the extra pots and appliances that you don't regularly use and put those in storage.  If there is space in the cupboards, the potential buyer will be able to imagine their own items in the house.  (It may be obvious, but you shouldn't store food items in a self storage unit.)

Do you have a lot of framed photographs or children's art in your house?  Wrap your more personal items with bubble wrap and store in boxes.  Keep them all together and you'll be ready to make your new house feel like your home when you move in!

If you have a boat or RV in the yard (or driveway) considering renting an outside parking space at the storage facility.  Our outside parking spaces are a great value and they are all inside our security gate.

Beaver Storage tidy unit

Place your items in heavy duty boxes or plastic tubs and label them well.  Stack them in the unit with labels pointing out and the back of the containers against the storage room walls.  This way you can have an aisle down the middle of your boxes and you will easily be able to locate and retrieve items as you need them.

Get the clutter out of the way and let someone fall in love with your house!  Call us at Beaver Storage 479-636-9498 or at Beaver Lake Storage 479-253-2020 if you would like to discuss our different unit sizes and what might work best for you!

By de-cluttering your house while it is on the market, you'll be one step ahead when it's time to move!  For more house selling tips, check out the following link: